The Clarities

Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman‘s Cholesterol Clarity and Keto Clarity have surprised me.  Despite what I’ve learned from other books and articles, both books have a wealth of additional useful information.  I strongly recommend both.

In both books, Jimmy does the writing with support from Eric.  Jimmy introduces himself as someone with morbid obesity who turned his life around using a low carb diet, initially Atkins.  He’s since dedicated his life to helping others dig out of the hole he was stuck in.  He has a gift for communicating.  He’s used that to contact and interview dozens of people, may of them well-known experts in their fields.  It seems to me those interviews are at least part of the base for the books.

After introducing himself and Eric, Jimmy has a chapter where he introduces an array of medical, health, and biological research professionals who are quoted throughout the books.  Then there’s a series of chapters exploring the aspects of the two topics.  Cholesterol Clarity digs into what your cholesterol tests really mean.  Keto Clarity explores what’s really necessary to accomplish keto-adaptation.

I’ll write more, but I wanted to get a placeholder on my website so readers know about these books.  They’re well worth your time.

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