Holiday Sugar Bombs

Interesting conundrum around the holidays. Cookie exchange at work, wonderful treats coming in from all directions. I can’t tell you the number of nice people who gave us tasty looking sugar-loaded cookies, chocolates, fudge, and other toxic treats. Here’s Exhibit A–


Full disclosure–there were three tasty frosted animal cookies on top of the fudge when we received the gift. They’ve vanished.

I tease people about high sugar/carb foods by calling them “sugar bombs” in a cheery tone. The holiday sugar bomb cultural imperative is overwhelming. Even my clued-in wife made Lebkuchen, although she wants me to be sure and mention that she used whole wheat and almond flour, and that the recipe was devised by monks in the 13th Century.  Plump monks?  Exhibit B–


Full disclosure–they taste great!

Good luck navigating the holidays.  We did manage to give away some of the cookies, to ketone-adapted friends who will dole them out carefully to their grand daughters.

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