Thanks from CFR

For about 2.5 years, I’ve been on the board of Child and Family Resources.

CFR is a social service agency that works all across Arizona.  Here’s their website–  They make a big difference in people’s lives already, so I think they can be a force implementing good nutrition.  They devised an internal Wellness Initiative for their staff, but got a bit distracted actually implementing it.  With some urging from me and creative ideas by their CEO, Dr. Eric Schindler, CFR started the Initiative a couple of months after I gave a version of the Inner Animal talk at the CFR state-wide all staff meeting in January 2013.  One of Eric’s ideas was to devote proceeds from the Gabe Z Triple Crown to the Initiative, which provided key funding.  Another of Eric’s ideas was that I should write a series of articles.  Those articles contributed to my decision to create this site.  I’ve used pieces of the articles in several spots.

Last week, I got an invitation from the Wellness Initiative team to attend part of the all staff meeting on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014.  I was given a very nice Thank You card from the Phoenix office, plus a gift certificate to In & Out Burger, an excellent source of tasty low-carb food if you make the correct choices (beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes…).  I was quite touched.  I asked CFR staff to help me with this website.  I hope I’ll get some good suggestions.

Here’s the nice Thank You card. Thank you CFR!


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